J. Lindeberg

Noted photographer Jörgen Ringstrand's (2b) most recent collaboration includes leading the creative direction for designer J. Lindeberg's annual book. "The Documentary And A Dream" also includes Jörgen's unprecedented style of photography, as well as another one of 2b's great photographers, Christophe Kutner.

Jimmie oh Jimmie

In love. 

Sophomore GET IT!

Sophomore is definitely on my top ten list for summer. Get hip to it fast because it hits the spot. 


Oh yeah...this is what I was wearing today. meh meh..I look like a dirty hippie since I've been painting my loft.  Not that exciting or Avant-garde.

Nasty Gal

My new favorites from www.nastygal.com

Yo yo

No makeup, sitting cross legged on my floor. Today I am painting my loft. Power tools and Paint thinner are all new terms to my vocab. 

Here are some of my inspirations/ideas for my loft. I might be getting ahead of myself but whatever. This place looks like lady Gaga Threw up technicolor clutter all over my floor. CHAOS. I will be so relieved when this is over next week. This place is going to be OUT OF CONTROL.