My ideal winter look is Veronica Lake hair, dark lips and leather. DROOOOL. 
Totally reposting this since I delayed my surgery. Guilty guilty guilty. 

Apologies for not posting recently, I have tonsillitis and I'm waiting to get my tonsils ripped out of my throat On Wednesday. I feel like shit, STRAIGHT UP. 

Apparently once my tonsils are violently sliced out of my throat, I will be given Codine cough syrup. I have learned that when ingested as prescribed the chances of complications are slim but  if mixed with sprite it becomes a premium street beverage aka...purple drink drank, candy drank, and the all too popular sizzurp. It is my understanding that once ingesting sizzurp you may experience mild to severe side effects ranging from thinking you are an alien , not giving a shit, accidently shooting yourself, keeping money in a suitcase, offending Katie Couric and becoming a milli a milli  a milli a millionaire. 


Although I find macbook photos vapid and annoying, I CANT HELP MYSELF. It's almost christmas eve, I have the house to myself and I'm a little bored....this is what happens. I'ts going to get a lot worse once I start drinking hard-nog. I'm no psychic but if this year is anything like the last I might end up on a rooftop without my pants on, IM JUST SAYIN.