EvergreenOne is a local artist out of Tacoma WA, who I vibe big time. Tesla Boy is one of my FAVORITE bands right now. Also, Kimbra is my NEW favorite. She makes me to do bad things with champagne and cardigans. . Sometimes I get into my underwear, drink a bottle of wine and just dance alone to all these artists in my room. (which is totally socially abnormal but whatever).

I took  and styled this picture of my roommate Lindsey, she looks flyyyy. 

visual mixtape

I'm slowly learning how to edit photos, I'll never be great at it but whatever. I'm stoked on my new Litas, surprisingly they are really comfortable.
Shapes blow my mind sometimes....which isn't hard to do because I might have the IQ of a traffic cone. Just kidding, but seriously. 

Nothing good happens past 1:00am.