Pixie s/s 2010

I love love Pixie Market so I decided to clip a few of my favorites for summer. All images via Pixie Market

Craving Ice.

Sou Brette Bracelet 

Sou Brette Chocker

 Kabiri "Suck" necklace

Chrishabana "dark Light Cross" necklace

Gold "Tooth Spike Cuff" by Triskaidekapobia

"scaffold" ring by Ongwat

Digital Crystal Vintage Watch by Unearthen

Log ring by Daphna Simon

Scholar's Rock necklace by Imogen Belfield 

Saw Tooth Necklace by Triskaidekaphobia

Titanium Bullet Necklace by Unearthen


This is Cole Mohr !!! for the much-loved German label SoPopular spring/summer 2010 lookbook
Photos: Gregor Hohenberg

 Cole Mohr has been my FAVORITE male model ever since he was signed with Request Model Management. I find him undeniably attractive and I attribute him to setting my standard for "my type" when I was in highschool. I don’t really wanna hit it, I just wanna, like, hang with him. We can go halfsies on a greasy pizza and take it back to my sweet, candle lit apartment and drink cheap champagne. No biggie.


If you don't think this is amazing then ....DIE.

Hey hey

I am a lumberjack a heart. Hence the large bruise on my thigh. yum. hah.