"It doesn't take a lot of creativity to march around in a field wearing knee high socks, heavy knits and a fox tail on my handbag snapping pictures of myself staring far into the distance at absolutely nothing while listening to Diplo remixes. We are all guilty of these sorts of things but be careful not to use them as artillery in your own arsenal because it will be noticed"

"I've had a few chances to be around people who really have influenced this industry in some sort of way and let me give a universal piece of advice to anyone who wants to even think about getting into this as a career. Those people, i.e, the people who really run shit, do not give the most microscopic care to how well you can mimicc and masquerade as an extended appendage of an Urban Outfitters catalog. Those people want to see something different in an age where different doesn't even exist. You're going to have to be a Houdini by pulling something terrific out of your ass over and over again while fooling people who want to see you fail into thinking it's amazing each and every time. You are also going to have to trump thousands of others who are just as good if not better  at exactly what you are doing. If you don't think you can do that then get out now before you embarrass yourself."

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