I've got a Miami Vice

I've recently been a little obsessed with this color palette and the general steeze of the 80's Miami Vice era. Currently painting my bedroom in these colors. Get hip to it. 

Robot Unicorn Attack.

Unicorns have even infiltrated the gaming world, with the smash hit Robot Unicorn Attack by Adult Swim for the iPhone. Players navigate their unicorn through a rainbow sparkle universe to burst through stars with their rainbow power. Set to the tune of Erasure's 'Always'. It seriously doesn't get more personally related to my life than this. 


Jennifer Park is doing us all a favor. Grandma meets grunge. I love Funktional and I heart the fact that they use my favorite JC wedges. 


Everest College fail.

" There's some cool bitches at this motherfucker, and check this out, they all got low self esteem"

Them Atelier

Originally from Alaska but now based in Cali. Them Atelier has my favorite post-apocalyptic vibe working in their favor. Extremely practical and their Tees are the softest things ever. 


Today I am inspired by this video to go thrifting for old miorrors to clutter my stairway with. I love miorrs and my apartments decor theme is organized chaos. I just love how a hodgepodge of ideas can come togther in harmony. 

Gong Li

Love her. 

Thom Browne

Moncler "Gamme Bleu" by Thom Browne. 

Who doesn't love Thom Browne for doing this? Thumbs up to Browne for making Moncler much more hip. Although altering slightly away from his curious man-child hem and situating models on track bikes is unexpected, it is still unpredictably Thom. I bet the city of KĂžbenhavn is stoked on this right now, another reason to want to move to a european bicycle city. 

Photos courtesy of Style.com and Jak & Jill Blog

Nudity is art.

From "Don Juan 73" direct by Roger Vadim.