"Sway.com is a website where we give women the dream fashion job of being the designer and buyer of the brand, Sway.  Each day, we will present an article of clothing that was produced meticulously and of highest quality by Sway.  This piece of women’s wear will be sold in a daily deal to our community at wholesale, because we love our community and appreciate our community’s hard work of deciding what is hot, and what is not.  After this ‘24 hour’ flash sale, this piece of fashion will be sold at full retail to the rest of the world. "

Recently I have had the pleasure of chatting with Perla from Sway.com (which will be launching within the next week). After viewing some of their media and talking about the general aesthetic vibe of the operation I have become pretty excited for what is to come. 

Reppin Seattle, Their cute as a button summer dresses, which I imagine Sookie Stackhouse would live in, could make anyone go gaga. Part of what makes their wears so lovable is the simplicity of it all. You can take a dress and create your own outrageous or understated look with any of their pieces. Personally, I see allot of their dresses being paired with summer platforms and thigh high stockings or dressing them down with a pair of flats and a fedora. Either way, its pretty great. 

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